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French Drain System - Exterior Drain Tile
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French Drain Contractor for all of the Twin Cities Metro Area

At Rite-Way Waterproofing we provide exterior waterproofing services with the same professionalism as that of interior work. When there are moisture issues inside your basement, home or business the source is most often due to poor waterproofing on the outside. Fortunately we are experienced in a range of exterior waterproofing techniques. Including the most visual, rain gutter control, and the not so visual exterior foundation drain tiling or French drains.

French Drains

Starting at $2300 for
up to 25'
~ and ~
as LOW as $35/foot Thereafter
French Drain Trench - Exterior Drain Tile
French Drain System - Exterior Drain Tile

The French Drain System, otherwise known as Exterior Drain Tile, is a common drainage system used in a variety of climates to prevent ground water and surface run-off from damaging foundations, potentially leading to interior moisture issues. The French Drain System is basically a trench that is dug around the exterior foundation; perforated hollow piping is laid in the bottom of the trench and is then covered with gravel or rock. The rock acts as the system's first line of defense, redirecting surface and groundwater away from the foundation. The inlaid piping is the back up, quickly venting any water that seeps down through the rock.

Our team at Rite-Way Waterproofing always evaluates all the areas of your home for current and future water issues. Even if you know your home already has Exterior Drain Tile installed it can sometimes become the culprit of your water issues - improper installation, clogging, or damage from tree roots or driving over it with heavy equipment can lead to poor functioning and water back-up. Fortunately our Rite-Way technicians are experienced and have a keen eye for recognizing when a French Drain System is required or when the current system may be failing.

Contact us for pricing on a French drain for your home or business. We can give you a price/estimate based on the linear footage you provide over the phone. If the pricing is in line with what you are looking to spend then we can send out a professional to walk you through the rest of the process, write up a contract and get your job scheduled to be performed by Rite-Way Waterproofing.

French Drain System - Exterior Drain Tile Completed French Drain System

Rain Gutter Control

Rain Gutter Control
The most basic, most visual and often most overlooked waterproofing technique is rain gutter control. A lack of rain gutters, improper rain gutter installation and clogged or damaged rain gutters can lead to costly consequences for your home's foundation and basement. By not addressing rain gutter issues you are leaving yourself open for a variety of water-related developments, including: damage to the sidewalks or landscaping around your home, damage to foundation block, deterioration of lower-level or egress windows, water penetration into your basement, mold and mildew growth, and the list goes on.

When you feel your rain gutters may be failing or leading to other issues you need to contact the professionals, you need Rite-Way Waterproofing. We have the equipment, experience and know-how to correct your rain gutter issues quickly and safely. Not only can our rain gutter control techniques prevent further water damage, they can also accentuate the aesthetic appearance of your homes exterior.

Contact us to schedule an evaluation of your rain gutters. We can assist in color suggestions, additional runs and gutter accessories that help reduce maintenance projects.